Easter recipes

21 March 2016

Easter surprise cake

This is probably one of the recipes you have been requesting more since I published my first cook book “Las recetas de la felicidad“. Unfortunately the book has only been released in Spanish, and for my English readers I wanted to share a version in English as well, so here you have it! Please give […]

26 February 2015

Chocolate fake poached eggs

A poached egg that is no such thing. The eggshell is made of chocolate, and it encases “egg white” made from vanilla panna cotta and oozing yellow “egg yolk” made from mango. Not only is this dish fun, but also the flavours of mango and creamy vanilla panna cotta balance the crunchy chocolate shell. As […]

10 June 2013

Strawberry filled petit beurre

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Petit Beurre is a small rectangular cookie that was invented in 1886 by Louis Lefèvre-Utile in Nantes. This cookie, quickly became a true classic in French country, with millions of packages sold every year throughout the world. Le petit beurre is a very crispy biscuit, not too sweet and not […]

23 April 2013

Spanish potato salad

24 March 2013

Easter eggs (decorated with paper napkins)

If painting is not your thing or let’s say it is, but your skills are secret yet to the world, you might want to try this technique to decorate hard boiled eggs this Easter: lend a personal touch to your decor by dressing your eggs in a paper napkin pattern that catches your eye! When […]

25 September 2012

Rabbit Cookies

20 May 2012

Brownie baked inside an eggshell

Brownies baked inside an eggshell. I know what you are thinking… But why? Well, just because it is fun to watch people reaction when face to what they think it is a hard boiled egg, but then a brownie comes instead… You can prepare them for Easter, or April fools’ day. You must admit, it […]

18 May 2012

Polka dot Easter eggs

You sometimes ask me where I get ideas from, and the answer is very simple: I have two sources of inspiration at home. My two “muses” love stickers … whilst I am starting to hate them (the stickers!). Pablo is interested in home decorating: he covers walls, furniture, sofa, floor with sticks… Jorge in turn […]

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