Vegetable recipes

9 September 2013

My book: Las recetas de la felicidad

Just a short note to let you know that my first cookbook, Las recetas de la felicidad, will be released on October the 16th. I am so happy and proud I have no words! Hard cover, 176 pages and 77 amazing recipes. The book can be pre-ordered in Amazon (also in Amazon USA) but for […]

3 September 2013

Tomato cheesecake

23 April 2013

Spanish potato salad

18 September 2012

Salad lattice bowl

27 August 2012

Pear, blue cheese and walnut salad

After several sweet recipes, I thought it was time to prepare a salad. It is true that with blue cheese, walnuts, and puff pastry it is not exactly what you would call a light dish. But this is a healthy, complete meal, very easy and quick to prepare… and probably one of the best salads […]

19 July 2012

Spinach-Hot chorizo dip

Morcilla patatera is one of my favorite foods ever! It is a specialty throughout Extremadura (where I was born): a sausage made of pork loin and lard, mixed with pureed boiled potatoes and smoked paprika. It looks and tastes like its cousin chorizo, altough in my opinion, it is creamier and tastes even better!!! It […]

25 June 2012

Happy coleslaw salad

As you can see, I have finally launched an English version of the blog… From now on, at the top of the page you will find two flags, showing Spanish and English version. Furthermore, on top of each post you will find several Tabs. The tab “Print” will enable you to print only the recipe. […]

5 June 2012

Butternut squash and curry cream

After the last two posts, I wanted to prepare a lighter recipe, to compensate all that chocolate overload (if such a thing is possible!). So here it is: a curried butternut squash cream, which can be served both cold and hot. In order to make it more attractive to those reluctant to eat butternut squash, […]

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