9 September 2013

My book: Las recetas de la felicidad

Just a short note to let you know that my first cookbook, Las recetas de la felicidad, will be released on October the 16th. I am so happy and proud I have no words! Hard cover, 176 pages and 77 amazing recipes. The book can be pre-ordered in Amazon (also in Amazon USA) but for […]

3 September 2013

Tomato cheesecake

23 April 2013

Spanish potato salad

24 March 2013

Easter eggs (decorated with paper napkins)

If painting is not your thing or let’s say it is, but your skills are secret yet to the world, you might want to try this technique to decorate hard boiled eggs this Easter: lend a personal touch to your decor by dressing your eggs in a paper napkin pattern that catches your eye! When […]

24 October 2012

Mushroom croquettes

Croquettes (croquetas) are a small, breaded and deep fried sort of fritter very popular in Spain. They are a sure hit as an appetizer or an afternoon snack. They are creamy and smooth inside, and have a crisp breadcrumb exterior. Croquettes are usually shaped by hand, but this time I decided to use a cookie […]

15 October 2012

Autumn pizza

10 October 2012

Meatball bread

Is there anything better than meatballs? Yes, a meatball sandwich! Yet there is a big inconvenience: I have bad memories of suffering a jaw dislocation when trying to bite a huge meat ball sandwich, or taking a bite of a meatball sandwich and having all the round meatballs shooting out of the bread. Well, with […]

10 October 2012

Pizza cones

8 October 2012

Cheese Pumpkins

{Cheese Pumpkins} Preparation time: 15 min Yield: 10 units Ingredients: 250 g sobrasada (chorizo spread) 250 g cheese cream parsley leaves Pretzel sticks Directions Beat cream cheese and sobrasada. Freeze dough for an hour, for easier handling- Roll dough into 10 balls. With end of wet toothpick, draw ridges around balls to resemble pumpkins. Just […]

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