Homemade Mikado and autumn pizza

Mikados caseros

Welcome to the november issue from Whole Kitchen Magazine! I can’t wait to read it, as you know it is a free online publication, and this month I have prepared two recipes for those rainy afternoons that you do not know what to do with your kids. If you want to spend the afternoon cooking with your kids, just prepare one simple pizza dough, and then you can make both a pizza decorated with leaves and homemade Mikados, hope you enjoy them!

Homemade Mikados

Mikados caseros

and autumn pizza, decorated with leaves

Pizza otoñal

Pizza otoñal

The magazine is in Spanish, so should you need help with translating the recipes, please let me know by email and I will be glad to help :) The magazine is totally free, and you can have a look at it online, or download it just here (pag. 66 to 74) Whole Kitchen Magazine no. 12

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  1. 12 September 2012, 7:54 am - aida

    hi..can u please translate the chocolate doughnut recipe page 123 from the magazine?…thanks in advance and this is my email..tumitkekure@yahoo.com

  2. 30 June 2013, 1:04 pm - juana

    Hi. How could I translate the autumn pizza recipe. It looks delicious.

    Your website is great! Many fantastic ideas.