26 February 2015

Chocolate fake poached eggs

A poached egg that is no such thing. The eggshell is made of chocolate, and it encases "egg white" made from vanilla panna cotta and oozing yellow "egg yolk" made from mango. Not only is this dish fun, but also the flavours of mango and creamy vanilla panna cotta balance the crunchy chocolate shell. As images speak louder than words, please find there a video I have tried to emulate Chef's Diego Guerrero idea, who earned two Michelin stars at El Club Allard, and now creates new recipes in his new project: Dstage. His original version uses coconut for the egg white {Chocolate fake poached eggs}Prep time: 15 min Cooking time: 5 min Yield: 8 eggs (7 cm)Ingredients For the yolk: 1 mango, peeled and chopped lollipop or cake pop mold For the white: 8 g gelatine powder 50 g water 350 g whipping cream 1 vanilla pod 150 g ...

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